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by | Jan 8, 2008 | Business Experiences

This week a group of 12 Dutch students and 5 teachers are visiting Gdansk. The purpose of their visit is to investigate the nearshore opportunities. We already had some nice meetings, among others, with the local government of Gdansk. One of the students’ tasks for this week is to advise the government of Gdansk about the possibilties of Poland and more specifically Gdansk as an IT nearshore location.

On Sunday the group arrived at a snow white Gdansk airport. A nice suprise!

Firstly, we met representatives of the government of Gdansk. We had a very heated discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the city. Of course the visit wouldn’t have been complete without sightseeing the beautifull “Old Town” of Gdansk. Through a guided tour the group got to know a lot more about the rich history of Gdansk. And the Dutch influence was shown as well.

Meetings with IT companies in Gdansk will followed later this week. During these meetings the students will try to find the anwers to their questions. We are all looking forward to their observations and valuable conclusions which they will have to present on Friday.

But before that I will have to prepare well for their thorough cross-examination!


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