What will it cost?

by | May 12, 2009 | Business Experiences

What will it cost?When talking to my clients I prefer to talk about their business, clients, strategy, what they aim for, their problems and challenges. Even more importantly, I am curious who she/he is and what drives my client. In general (potential) clients love to talk about such things. Not so strange because , in general, people like talking and it does not happen too often that others are eager to listen. Unfortunately, this seems to be different in Poland. I hardly ever have the opportunity to ask and listen. They tell roughly what they want and ask what it will cost.

What does such a client really want, what is he looking for? It’s like calling a car dealer: “I need to have something on four wheels, capable of driving 250 km/hr, with 4 doors, nice and beautiful chairs and very comfortable. What will it cost?”. Besides I need to add that this client means that he hardly has any budget and that I should be happy that he is calling me as one of the 10 suppliers he invites to send a proposal.

Usually, my initial reply is that I do not want to offer before prior meeting. But it seems that he other 9, or at least some of them seem to be so eager to send a proposal so cheap that I would never go.

In my opinion this leads to a very unhealthy business environment, where the buyers are only taking. I was always taught to aim for a give and take deal, which should result in a WIN-WIN situation for both parties. Then you can build long lasting relationships based on mutual trust. Trust, which seems to he lacking in today’s Polish business environment.

I treat it as one of my goals in life to change this attitude a little bit. Hopefully, this won’t seem to be a mission impossible. Fortunately, I come across some exceptions as well and that’s why I believe this change will happen!


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