New TweetDeck v0.26: Impressive!

I just installed the brand new release of TweetDeck dekstop and I have to admit that I am really impressed. Of course the main change is the possibility to manage multiple accounts. Another great new and unique feature is that you are able to share your group settings among multiple computers. By creating an online account these main settings are stored and can be retrieved at any time!

Tweetdeck v0.26 just released

Playing around with this new Tweetdeck release it looks like I am going to switch. As soon as the Tweetdeck client for iPhone will be released I will install it. I am really curious about the promissed integration. Must be great to have the same groups on the iPhone, that saves a lot of additional work.

Handling users and even blocking them or reporting spam is very easy. Just a matter of clicking the user settings. Besides video is supported, something that is still lacking within Seesmic Desktop. Another great feature is the autosuggest option. Just start typing the username and Tweetdeck will help you typing it without mistakes.

A search is also being stored in a column for future reference. This enables you to follow the Tweets on your favourite subjects.

At first sight I cannot find so many differentiators for Seesmic Desktop anymore. A closer look will have to prove that. But it looks like TweetDeck offers at least the same and because of the sharing of the groups it offers even more. A main “disadvantage” could be the unlimited amount of columns that TweetDeck supports. How to watch them all? That will mean a lot of scrolling. Besides I did not yet manage to find out how to switch to the tweets related to my other account. That will be left for later on.

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