Travelling and waiting a lot these days

by | Sep 13, 2009 | Business Experiences

Recently I am travelling a lot. Therefore hardly any time is left for well thought thrue opinions. Besides I moved the majority of thoughts to GOYELLOblog. That’s why I decided to blog about my travel experiences and daily stuff as well. You never know if it can be useful in the end. Currently I am waiting for my plane from Gdańsk Airport to Dortmund. From there I will continue by rental car to Holland. This week I will have a lot of meetings with (potential) clients and business partners. We are trying to expand our fleet rental business and now I have a lot of work to do. When building out your fleet elsewhere, you have to be ready for new challenges.

While waiting I thought about how to express this waiting. I took a picture of the people in front of me. Because of the back light you won’t recognize anybody, but it clearly shows the waiting ‘activity’. Just think about the world wide waiting time we spend at airports all together. Furthermore I am thinking a lot about the next week of course. I am really looking forward to all those meetings. Some of the people I didn’t meet for a long time. Of course I will visit my family and friends as well. Time is the main limitation. My plane has just arrived. Soon we will start boarding. More to follow.


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