Sustainability a key factor for success in business?

by | Oct 28, 2009 | Business Experiences

Is sustainability a charity thing or a key factor for successful business? Dennis Pamlin of the WWF claims we are now in the 3rd act of the play, the heroes have to solve the issues left by others. In the 2nd act we were only blaming the big polluters. Today we need the heroes, being the new entrepreneurs, who think about what they can do,while making money. Sustainability shouldn’t just be just a welfare thing. A summary of the panel discussion at the Globe Forum Summit in Gdansk.

Soon we will have 9 bilion people, resources are decreasing. What product could be used by all of them? SUVs are out, we don’t have sufficient space and resources. On the contrary, a green laptop could be used by most of them. Thinking in this way sustainable innovation is just a sound business thought.

According to Mrs. Olga Grygier of PriceWaterhouseCoopers sustainability is on most management team agendas. It has a high priority. The awareness is for sure there. Poland is a bit behind, but it is catching up.

New products need to care about the climate change while serving the masses of people. Governments are the coaches who will have to stimulate the athletes- the businesses to develop sustainable solutions. They have to support the business in being able to achieve a decent profit on their innovations. Making profit is the only way to gain market share and to continue innovation.

Fortunately investors are jumping on the “green” market as well. The main issue is that currently we are addicted to oil, gas and coal. This addiction might cause that for some of these “addicted” countries it may be too late. We need to change fast.

In the upcoming 30 years $250 trillion will be invested in urban development. That needs to be invested in a sustainable way. Therefore the cities play a major role in choosing the right investments and supporting innovative business leaders.

We shouldn’t be driven by guilt, it’s time to act. Let’s look for the fun that really matters while making money for a decent living as well.


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