Travelling to meet people and for inspiration

by | Dec 13, 2009 | Business Experiences

Currently I am travelling by nighttrain to the GOYELLO office in the South of Poland, Gliwice. The good thing of travelling by train is that I can relax. It’s pure time for myself. Time I use for blogging, thinking, inspiration and to stay in touch through social networks. I force myself to be outside focussed by taking pictures of what I meet during such trips. I am curious what this trip will bring.

Did we survive the crisis?

In Gliwice we will present the results of our company in 2009. The main message will be that it seems we survived the crisis. The future seems to be brighter. On the other hand the analysts keep warning that we can’t be too sure about the economic recovery yet. The time will tell.

Warsaw visit for business and inspiration

Together with my Dutch colleague on Monday evening we will travel to Warsaw, where we will stay for two days. We plan to meet several potential clients and will visit the meeting of the Dutch-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Warsaw can be a very inspiring city and that’s what we will try to use while brainstorming about 2010. Bottum line our strategy is not dramatically going to change. Based on the great input we received from our colleagues we will consider what new initiatives we want to give a chance.

All in all these are going to be some exciting days again. Hopefully it is not going to be too cold…..


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