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by | Jan 28, 2010 | Technology

Windows_Live_Writer Managing to write on four blogs is not an easy job. Especially not because my days are rather busy. That’s one of the reasons I like to write blog posts while travelling. Some time ago I installed WordPress for iPhone 2 and for some time I was really happy. Unfortunately, recently I noticed the application deletes and changes posts, content of a saved post shows up when I start changing another existing post. That’s why I decided to continue searching for the right editor for my iPhone and meanwhile I decided to look for a desktop editor as well.

Windows Live Writer became the desktop editor

Although the dedicated WordPress editor is not bad at all a desktop editor seems more convenient. Several times while travelling I didn’t manage to save my posts due to a bad Internet connection. In such a case a local draft gives a secure feeling. At least for some time I will give Windows Live Writer a try. It appears to be a convenient editor enabling me to edit multiple blogs from one application. I heard some good opinions about it and the application integrates many other applications and provides many ways to include pictures and video, meanwhile uploading them to Flickr and YouTube if you wish.

A good editor for the iPhone is hard to find

As mentioned above I used to be very happy with the WordPress for iPhone editor. I am only writing on WordPress blogs and therefore I don’t need support for any other blog types. But the issues I’m facing with this app are really annoying. From the “Making WordPress for iPhone” blog I conclude that soon a version 2.2 will be released. Hopefully this will solve my issues. The WordPress for iPhone editor offers most of the needed functionality. I also downloaded some paid editors like BlogPress and iBlogger. Also BlogWriter didn’t satisfy my needs. In my opinion they don’t manage to compete. A simple feature like the “more”-tag is even not supported. Basically this means that you only see the introduction part of your post if you decide to split them. Be aware! Saving them will delete the rest of the post. Can you please refund my money?

Guys, please release WordPress for iPhone 2.2 soon and make that my issue will be solved!

I am curious what editors you are using and would like to know your experiences. Please share!


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