If you aren’t on YouTube yet, better make you are soon

I just came along a nice blog post by Drew McLellan, Social Media Cheat Sheet, where he presents the Social Landscape created by CMO.com. The sheet shows what social media can be used best depending on your personal aim. The bottom line conclusion for me is that you have to make you will be on YouTube to gain most from social media.

Just like Drew states I’m frequently asked what social media site somebody should use. In general I tried to figure out what social media site would fit best. Based on the Social Media Cheat Sheet from now on it’s possible to provide a better answer.


Depending on your aim you can now choose the best performing sites. To achieve this you will have to be aware what you want to use social media sites for:

  • Customer communication
  • Brand exposure
  • Driving traffic to your site or
  • SEO?

Analysing CMO.com’s social media landscape I conclude I will have to do a lot more on YouTube. I’m curious about your opinion!

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