Prevent issues with the cops, don’t abuse Foursquare

Currently I’m testing both Foursquare and Gowalla. These tools enable me to check-in at locations I visit. In an interactive way I’m investigating my own neighbourhood and unknown cities. The competition part of the applications make it even more funny to use. By visiting a location often you can become the Major of that side on Foursquare. Of course people already started faking their check-ins to gain points. Therefore, Foursquare decreased the distance from the spot to login. And to prevent further abuse they hired the Foursquare Cops (LOL!)


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  • I'm trying to decide between foursquare and gowalla too. For me it seems, that Foursquare is more popular in the North America and Gowalla is more common in Europe. For example, I can't see any action for Gdansk in 4sq, but I see a lot of spots in Gowalla. As far as I know, Foursquare has 4x larger userbase that Gowalla (400 000 vs 100 000).

  • For sure Foursquare manages to attract way more attention. Their rewarding
    part is for sure better. For me too often it takes a too long time before
    Foursquare comes up with a location. In general Gowalla is faster for me. If
    I'm not wrong Gowalla is also launching a loyalty system soon. The one with
    the best funding will in the end win I think. Currently that seems to be

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