Polish e-commerce market expanding

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Business Approaches & Methods

Retailers all around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the e-commerce opportunity. Within Europe the UK is the leading e-commerce market but other countries are quickly following. It might surprise, but especially the Eastern European countries are adopting online commerce at high speed. At the end of 2010, there were 10,000 e-stores operating in Poland and that number is getting larger, reported Rzeczpospolita.

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Big brands organizing their online presence

Over the past 12 months, global companies such as Auchan, Gap and Inditex (the owner of Zara) have expanded by entering the Polish e-commerce market. Polish retailer Empik Media & Fashion has already enjoyed success since launching e-sales. Despite the competition from Merlin, the retailer has become one of the leaders in Polish e-commerce.

The children’s retailer Smyk  has just launched a new e-store and supermarket Tesco is preparing to launch one in February.

An online store offers different opportunities

For Tesco, e-commerce has become a necessity in the light of shrinking sales at traditional locations, Rzeczpospolita recently wrote.

Opening an e-store costs a similar amount as opening a new shop. But the reach of an online shop goes beyond normal geographical boarders. You can be opened 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, without personnel issues. Your online store won’t mention labor code regulations related to working and over hours. Therefore, for many companies an online store is becoming increasingly attractive.

Poland is a promising e-commerce market

According to ResearchFarm, a market research company, the value of the Polish e-commerce market reached €3.3 billion in 2010. By 2015 that number is expected to grow to €5.9 billion. In terms of e-commerce growth, Poland is Europe’s 5th e-commerce market and growing rapidly.

Source: Warsaw Business Journal

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