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by | Jun 5, 2012 | Business Approaches & Methods

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Or should I say, Eurovision’s debut on 21webmerce? Anyway, this year’s Eurovision Song Contest online shop started using 21webmerce platform. Such a big undertaking deserves a review, thus let’s have a look at some facts that accompanied this year’s biggest song competition in Europe.

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What’s the fuss about?

Eurovision is one of the most popular TV shows in Europe. It takes place annually for 54 years now and is watched by up to 125 million people worldwide each year. The song contest is very often a possibility for young, starting artist to present themselves to the European community. One of such bands was for example ABBA in 1974.

ABBA on Eurovision

The contest obviously has its website where you can learn about the facts connected to shows and starring artists. Since 2004 you can also make a purchase at the online shop available through the website.

Shopping at Eurovision

For the past 8 years the Eurovision fans can buy all sorts of merchandising products connected to the competition. That includes CDs, DVDs, mugs, pendants, T-shirts, etc. Most of the products have a variety of variants, after all each country wishes to have their own flag placed on a merchandize, but that’s not a challenge for us.  Thanks to the possibility of adding multiple variants to one product, the rich Eurovision product diversification was a piece of cake.

Eurovision custom mugs

This year a fan could also download a pdf version of the program for the current contest. Isn’t that thoughtful for our environment? And obviously more convenient for mobile devices users.

How to handle huge traffic

In case of such e-shops the traffic is highly differentiated. Since the competition’s buzz starts in March, which is when each country officially introduces their participants. The peak of traffic comes in the day of the final, this year it was 26th of May and remains high for a couple of weeks. The rest of the year is rather calm. Due to such characteristics we decided on applying a cloud solution for the e-shop. Turned out a success by twice as many visitors as last year! The cloud solution is a perfect way to solve problems of seasonal shops. If you don’t get a lot of traffic, you don’t have to pay extra, but if the traffic increases the system will automatically give you more capability and take it away once not needed. A win-win situation, since you pay for what you have actually used up.

The impact of live tv

While watching both the Eurovision and Google Analytics page for the eurovisionshop.tv we observed a huge increase of the traffic after just one announcement about the Eurovision’s DVD and CD availability in the shop that was really uplifting. What is more interesting, though, is the traffic during voting. It seems that shoppers were drawn away from purchasing during voting, but since it was taking quite some time, they decided on coming back to the webshop.

21webmerce team

Image source: petersopinion

The whole 21webmerce development team can proudly say that this year you were buying the Eurovision souvenirs also thanks to us. Hope you enjoyed the webshop!


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