The most important Windows release ever coming soon

by | Oct 15, 2012 | Business Experiences, Technology

It seems Microsoft has finally started its marketing campaign for Windows 8. The fist commercial with a countdown to 8 has been shown since last weekend. It’s coming soon. But what does Windows 8 really mean to Microsoft and its position in today’s IT-world? Probably the most important time in Microsoft’s history is here to come. 

Will this year really become “epic” for Microsoft?

By the end of this month two major new products will be released. Windows 8 on Friday October 26  and Windows Phone 8 on Monday October 29. Earlier this year, among others during the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer already named it an “epic year” with unparalleled opportunities.

When these two new products will succeed we could say Microsoft is back in the lead. But what if they won’t?

We at Goyello are all in as well. Our first Windows 8 apps are ready and will be available as soon as the Windows Store opens.

For sure Microsoft is all in and with an amazing marketing budget they will try to convince everyone how great these new products are. The first Windows 8 commercial is public now and more will follow. But will they convince the users? Have a look yourself.



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