Agile working explained in 15 minutes [video]

by | Nov 9, 2012 | Business Approaches & Methods, Business Experiences

Personally, I really prefer to work in an Agile way. Already several years ago we started working like that at Goyello. Some clients immediately understand the advantages, other’s don’t. Explaining what Agile working means is not always that easy. But that might have changed. Today I found a great video on YouTube. In my opinion this is one of the best movies explaining the Agile way of working to a product owner I’ve ever seen. It’s a must see for everyone who claims/pretends to work in an Agile way. Bear in mind that you cannot claim to be Agile in case you didn’t organize the Product Ownership.

You need a good Product Owner to be Agile

Starting a project in the Agile way is only possible if the team consisting both out of business representatives and developers fully support the Agile way of working. We notice rather often that the software development teams really like to implement an Agile way of working, but they very often forget to include the business.

To work in an Agile way you will just need a Product Owner to communicate with the business, to get business decision, etc.

The video clearly shows why!

This is basically a 1 day product ownership course compressed into a 15 minute animated presentation. There’s obviously more to product ownership than this, so see this is a high level summary.



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