More iPhones sold than babies born [Video]

The Heartbeat of the new world economy is mobile according to the latest video by Erik Qualman, among others the author of Socialnomics. Globally mobiles are outnumbering the amount of people, which basically means that many of us are using more than one. We even seem to prefer an iPhone above babies, at least the iPhone growth rate is higher than the amount of newborns. We are tweeting mostly when we are on the way and buying decision take less time on mobile than they take when we shop through a desktop computer. If it wasn’t obvious yet that you need a mobile strategy, it will for sure be after watching the movie!


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  • Very interesting! Well this is true not just for iPhone, but the whole mobile industry is in rapid change which started to dominate last year. The number of mobile app downloads increases at a huge rate at a certain period of time. Even for the web, it is starting to be really flexible in all platforms.

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