The amazing power of reviews [Infographic]

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Business Approaches & Methods

Reviews appear to be an important and integral part of the decision making process for a buyer. This shouldn’t be underestimated by any business. This is certainly noticeable in the retail industry, but it’s definitely not limited to retail only. About 82% of all consumers considered user generated reviews as extremely valuable or valuable. Are you offering your clients a possibility to review your products? Are you using their reviews? Read on, check the Infographic and decide for yourself.

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Internet shopping and reviews have gone hand in hand for some time now. Anyone who is considering spending money online to buy a product or service that they can’t see or try before, has no doubt engaged in a  research in on various levels – usually by researching the feedback left by previous users.

EBay, Amazon and Trip Advisor are just three major sites that have built their own reputation on encouraging third party reviews and now almost every e-commerce site you can think of will have some kind of review or rating system.

In short, we’re so used to seeing a star rating system or a comment box that if a site doesn’t allow reviews we wonder why not and this isn’t limited to e-commerce sites only. We just tend to trust the opinion of our “peers” more than the marketing bla, bla you will in general find online. The opinion of a like-minded person counts. That’s among others the power of social media. Link you reviews system to Facebook and a word-of-mouth will probably even do a better job, assuming your clients are positive about you, your service and/or product.

If you don’t make use of this review opportunity, you are really missing out on something.

The counter-side is that once you have a review possibility, you will have to monitor it. You can use positive reviews for your promotion. But what to do about a negative review? Don’t ignore it! REACT! Preferably, immediately. Ask for some feedback, offer to replace a product, just act! Ignoring is the worst thing you can do. In fact you should treat a complaining client as an opportunity to improve. By doing so, others will be convinced you are a provider they can trust.

PeopleClaim - The Review of Reviews


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