Vision and values form the fundament of every startup

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This week the Startup Pirates Gdansk takes place. A one week event to launch multiple new startups. After yesterday’s party this morning the group gathered at Inkubator Starter for the first workshop. I had the honour to introduce the group to “Vision and Values”, probably the foundation of every organisation. Unfortunately, when starting a startup we might not feel the need and/or take the time to think about it although we all should, just because realizing your startup is about realizing your dreams.

Empowerment of entrepreneurs in the making

Startup Pirates is a one-week educational accelerator for entrepreneurs in the making. Through a combination of training, mentoring and idea development, participants are being helped to structure and develop their ideas. In the end, they are given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors and successful business leaders.

To successfully launch a company is one of the most difficult things one can do. It’s demanding, stressful, difficult and most of the times you’ll feel distressed. Only someone with a Pirate Spirit can succeed. Only someone willing to fight, hustle, and work really really hard will be able to succeed.

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Fulfilling a passion, a dream

As mentioned being an entrepreneur and launching a startup isn’t easy. It demands commitment. To bring such a sacrifice it’s best to commit to your passion, a dream. That’s why today during the workshop we discussed how to form a long term vision from this dream and/or passion, a vision that will drive the company in the long run.

The way we run the daily business while realizing this dream is heavily depending on our core values. The bigger a company grows, the more important it becomes to align these core values among all the employees. It’s easy to understand that when honesty is one of the core values, you can just not accept that founders, directors or employees are lying. This means everybody needs to be fully aware of the companies core values.


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