I’m a Dutchman living in Gdansk, Poland, where I found my love. In 2006 I co-founded Goyello, a Netherlands and Poland based Agile software development company. March 2018 we got acquired by Aspire Systems. I spend most of my time at the Polish offices and travel on a regular basis to our international clientele. May 1969 was my release month. Since that time I’ve done many things and gained a lot of experience. More about that can be found in my LinkedIn profile.

What I’m blogging about

PetersOpinion.com is my personal blog to share my experiences in the field of business, organizational change, software solutions, software development, outsourcing, online commerce / e-retail, technological trends like cloud, people & organisations. Besides, I might share info about my passion: Triathlon.

This broad spectrum of subjects is based on my wide interest and my experience in the areas of business consultancy, outsourcing, software development, web development, people management and sales. Whatever opinion I raise in my posts, it’s strictly my personal one and no rights can be derived from it.

While travelling, working and wandering around I always take my iPhone, so I will share my own pictures as well.

Feel free to contact me

I like to share my opinion by advising (potential) clients and presenting. Feel free to contact me if applicable.

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