Innovation will come especially when we don’t expect it

Change is never cheap or easy, says Ronald Binkofski, General Manager, CEE Multicountry CIS. Service providers, such as Microsoft and Goyello, must help their partners go through this process, even if this means you have to convince them it is really worth doing. Peter Horsten, Managing Director at Goyello, talked with Ronald Binkofski about Microsoft’s cloud transition.

PETER HORSTEN: Around 2010, former Microsoft CEO Ballmer claimed that Microsoft was going all in to the cloud. There was some criticism, even among

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The unstoppable train goes on

10 years ago our adventure began; our great leap into the unknown. Our luggage: our own ideas, motivation and energy, our hard work, trial and error, good luck and determination to overcome any setback. The outside world saw an unstoppable TGV passing by at speed. That train is not yet standing still, so let’s look back at an intermediate station.

This post has originally been published on Goyelloblog.

About 10 years ago, the smartphone was unknown, the first iPhone

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Los Angeles here we come – WPC11


Yearly Microsoft organises the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) to share the latest Microsoft news with their partner network. A network Microsoft is really depending on. More than 95% of Microsoft’s revenue comes through their partners. It seems to be an event you have to attend. Goyello is already a Microsoft Partner for several years. Unfortunately, before we weren’t able to be there, but this year we will. LA here we

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Marktoptimisme: groeien mag weer

2009 is een jaar om snel te vergeten. Het was geen best jaar was. Ook Goyello heeft behoorlijk last gehad van de markt, daar hebben we nooit een geheim van gemaakt. Het meest trieste gevolg was nog dat we hierdoor van een aantal fijne collega’s afscheid moesten nemen. Gelukkig merkten we na de zomer al enig herstel en dit lijkt zich voort te zetten. We zijn inmiddels al weer

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