Coronavirus forces us to quickly adapt in uncertain times


March 2020 will forever be remembered as the month in which most European governments (over)reacted in response to the Coronavirus, partially because action was taken rather late if not too late. Nobody understood what was really happening. As a fire brigade response ad-hoc actions were taken to limit the spread of the unknown virus and the amount of patients with the Covid-19 disease in the hospitals. Country boarders got closed, we had to face an almost worldwide lockdown. Months later

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Better sorry than safe!

I guess you just thought: “No Peter, you made a mistake in that title”. But, I didn’t and soon you will realise why. The proverb you thought off is one of the indications that the patient, our society, is ill, seriously ill. We cherish safety and security, avoid risks. We seem not to realise that the road towards major innovations, results, successes, is a bumpy

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Poland? I can see some changes for the better

How do you like Poland? What do you think about Polish people? – these are the questions any foreigner living in Poland or staying here for a while has to answer, sooner or later. What do I, a Dutchman living in Gdańsk, think about Poland? Some weeks ago I was interviewed by, one of the leading news papers in Poland. This post is a translation of the original article which can

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A bit about corporate identity by Wally Olins

The beautiful Olivia Tower rooftop, currently the highest point of the Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk, was yesterday evening the decor for a potentially historical discussion. Officials of the Gdansk government, honorary consuls and business representatives were invited to join a discussion about corporate identity in general and more specific the branding of Gdansk. Wally Olins, corporate identity guru and chairman of the world famous Saffron Brand Consultants, served some heavy food for thought.

Branding is about emotions

As a kickoff

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The Hobbit is coming soon but not soon enough

Are you also looking forward to December? Probably you know already what I’m talking about. No, it’s not about Christmas. I mean December 14th or may be even the 13th. That’s the day the first part of The Hobbit trilogy will be shown in cinema’s around the world. Unfortunately, I found out today that I will have to wait till December 28th, unless I will find an

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Back in time with Walesa the movie

Oscar-winning director Andrzej Wajda will soon finish filming a biopic in Poland about former Solidarity Union leader, President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa. Currently they are filming the last scenes in the Gdansk shipyard and today I had the honor to be part of it! Later this year we will be able to see the

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Tweeting while having diner happens to me as well

When someone is having a phone call in a public area we in general don’t like this. Compared to this, communicating by social networks is a lot better, less noisy.

But social media can be a bit to attention consuming. It happens too me as well.

Source: Geekandpoke

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Entrepreneurship and research essential for Europe not to loose the competition

Some weeks ago I attended a meeting with Burton Lee, a Stanford University professor and Super Angel, who visited Poland. I was lucky to be present at a very intimate presentation and discussion with him in Gdynia. With the characteristic pride of an American he explained why Europe is legging behind and why this is probably not even going to change. But something will have to change if we don’t

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