Combining high productivity with fun

Yesterday afternoon a new Dutch client arrived in Gdańsk. Just like many others also this client didn’t know what to expect. The image Dutch people have about Poland is still not too positive, biased by the media. The advantage is that it is rather easy to surprise them. A good combination of sightseeing and a productive day made we managed to impress our client.

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The youth has the future

We need to take good care of our kids. They have most of the future in front of them. At the Globe Forum in Gdańsk the statement was clear: We cannot leave a mess behind which our kids have to solve. We are responsible that they can face a bright future.

Today my youngest son had his 4th birthday. His happiness after receiving a present is my picture of

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I love Warsaw

I like to visit Warsaw for many reasons. Among others it’s the place where my current wife became my ‘girlfriend’. I fell in love with the city as well. Soon this love will become more serious. Together with a friend we will start a new sales office in Warsaw soon.

The Culture Palace on the picture is one of the most remarkable places in Warsaw. It’s my picture of

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Sometimes you need to watch things from a different perspective

Climbing the watchtower, the Pachołek, in Gdańsk Oliwa today, I was looking forward to the wonderful view I would have from there. The city is lying about 100 meters lower, at your feet. This is such an amazing view. Walking down I realized it is very often the same in our daily life. Being busy we tend to forget what it is all about in life. We let ourselves

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It’s great to have a good discussion

Today we had our monthly pizza meeting at the GOYELLO office in Gdansk. A big part of the team joined our discussion about current PHP trends, based on a visit of several colleagues to PHPCON, and a discussion around unit testing.

We started the evening with celebrating the “Young Entrepreneur Award” we won this week by drinking beer. It

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What is worse having no choice or not knowing what to choose?

Today we visited one of the shopping malls and as always the amount of products to choose from shocked me. I really don’t feel comfortable in these malls, there is too much choice. In my opinion all together we are going into the wrong direction. These malls show the consumption society we are living in to its full extend.

The picture shows the preparation of the Polish people for

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