Poland? I can see some changes for the better

How do you like Poland? What do you think about Polish people? – these are the questions any foreigner living in Poland or staying here for a while has to answer, sooner or later. What do I, a Dutchman living in Gdańsk, think about Poland? Some weeks ago I was interviewed by Wyborcza.pl, one of the leading news papers in Poland. This post is a translation of the original article which can

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A bit about corporate identity by Wally Olins

The beautiful Olivia Tower rooftop, currently the highest point of the Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk, was yesterday evening the decor for a potentially historical discussion. Officials of the Gdansk government, honorary consuls and business representatives were invited to join a discussion about corporate identity in general and more specific the branding of Gdansk. Wally Olins, corporate identity guru and chairman of the world famous Saffron Brand Consultants, served some heavy food for thought.

Branding is about emotions

As a kickoff

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Announcing the Gdansk Entrepreneurial NEtwork GENE

You might not realize, but the Poles are probably among the most intelligent, innovative and creative people in the world. I do not have the statistical proof for this bold statement, but they used to win and are still winning many Math and coding contests. Converting these capabilities into known solutions and world-famous companies hasn’t been too successful though. Fortunately, this is changing. Some evidence for this statement is the recent 

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infoShare 2013 stimulating entrepreneurship [updated]

For the seventh time already infoShare takes place in Gdansk. This successful New Media Conference had to switch the location. Last years it was hosted by the Gdansk Technical University, but the space there was no longer sufficient. The brand new Amber Expo is hosting infoShare 2013. The event brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, software developers, etc from around Poland. They will be inspired by (inter)national experts to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in

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Outsourcing remains an extremely strategic decision with huge opportunities

BPO and ITO outsourcing remains a hot topic. That’s what we can conclude after the International Outsourcing Forum (IOF), which took place last week in Sopot, Poland. For Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia, all together known as Tri-City, this event was a unique opportunity to present themselves as an outsourcing destination for both BPO and ITO. For all the delegates,

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Back in time with Walesa the movie

Oscar-winning director Andrzej Wajda will soon finish filming a biopic in Poland about former Solidarity Union leader, President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa. Currently they are filming the last scenes in the Gdansk shipyard and today I had the honor to be part of it! Later this year we will be able to see the

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