What makes a pitch a good one?

An important part of the Hy! show in Berlin on Sunday 2 June was the startup competition. European startups were invited to send their pitch. From the applications five companies were chosen to pitch their solution to convince the jury they would make best use of the € 30.000 and Hub:raum support. Some pitches were really great, but most of them were not clearly following the regular pitching guidelines which irritated

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US Mission, part 4: Pitching, accelerators and San Francisco

Everybody you ask will tell you that doing business in Silicon Valley is very different from elsewhere and for sure not easy. Gold seekers have to be prepared for that. The success stories are really nice, but for sure way more initiatives failed. The good thing is that failure is something which is allowed in Silicon Valley. They aim for big success, but in case this seems not to be possible, they prefer to let something fail fast. On the

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