Agile contracting: challenge accepted!

Agile development based on a contract that has been accepted by lawyers seems impossible. The nature of traditional purchasing and contracting processes does not match the Agile principles. When a project is small you can manage to find a workaround, but for a huge, high risk project the situation is different. The client wants to know what he gets for his money, while in fact he cannot really specify his needs in sufficient detail. Having adopted Agile working principles years

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Funky management van software ontwikkeling om aan de klantwensen te voldoen

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Vandaag was ik één van de sprekers bij het geweldig georganiseerde 4Developers seminar in Poznan, Polen. Ik presenteerde daar één van mijn grootste zorgen. Continue moet ik namelijk constateren dat er een ongelooflijk (perceptie) verschil zit tussen de wens van de klant en wat een ontwikkelaar realiseert. We lijken elkaar maar niet te willen of kunnen begrijpen. Feit is

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Managing software development in a Funky manner to meet client’s needs

funky-candy-dulfer Today at the 4Developers conference in Poznan, Poland, I presented the audience my concern about the existing gap in between client’s need and the reality of the software developers. For some reason we seem not to manage to understand each other well enough.

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Project management in the age of Web 2.0

They already managed ages ago! So why don’t we manage to realize something as simple as a web application? That’s more or less how I started my yesterday evening’s presentation at the 3Camp meeting in Gdańsk. Ages ago people managed to fulfill miraculous projects with hardly any tools. Today we can choose from a wide range of tools, but still we do not manage to run a project

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