The Startup Weekend in Trojmiasto is won by Virtual Recruiter

On Friday evening at 7pm we kicked-off the Trójmiasto Startup Weekend. As you could read in my previous post this weekend is part of the Global Startup Battle, aiming to start 1200 new startups. In total 18 ideas were shared on Friday evening. The 40 participants chose 8 and teams were formed. When I arrived on Saturday morning I learned

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Let’s create 1200 startups in one weekend

You might think it’s crazy, 1200 startups in 58 hours. Although, it might sound like a crazy idea, it’s this weekend’s aim of the Global Startup Battle, a new initiative of Startup Weekend. Across the whole world entrepreneurs will come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups in just 58 hours. The history has shown that this can result into

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