How a “crazy” mind changed the life of many others

Preparing for this week’s Globe Forum Innovation summit in Gdańsk I got touched by the story of William Kamkwamba, a Malawi secondary school student and inventor. Dropped out of school he build his own wind mill based on spare parts he found and a book he borrowed from the local library. Everybody in his neighborhood treated him like a fool,

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A good initiative executed in the wrong way

Preparing for the Globe Forum I am for sure more sensitive towards things happening around me. Yesterday I was biking with one of my sons and then we noticed this recycling area. It’s located close to the beach enabling beach visitors to recycle their garbage. A very good initiative apart from the execution. It looks like somebody forgot that you also have to take care of it.

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Sustainable innovation and integration

This month the Globe Forum conference takes place in Gdańsk. The Globe Forum is one of the world`s leading events devoted to innovation and sustainability. The Gdańsk government invited me to lead the theme session: “Integration and innovation – a long term prospect for sustainable metropolitan development”. Currently I am preparing for the meeting on 28 October  which leads to many

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