Feeding the development pipeline right is KING!

John, a product manager of a large corporate, proudly shows his management what results their 200 software development teams are delivering every second week!

He knows he impressed them. But soon his confidence is gone. With a weak voice, he confesses the teams do not have enough work to be done …..

They react furiously. “Impossible”, the business management claims, because there is work for about 10 years queuing.

John knows the long wish list, but he does not know

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How Agile are we, really?

Around 2009 at Goyello we decided to implement Scrum. So, you could think we are really Agile by now. But how sure can you be without any external verification? And even if we would be really Agile, wouldn’t there be anything still to be improved? Assuming Agile is a never ending journey, there’s always something you can improve. Therefore, I decided to take up the challenge and let myself be inspired by experts and fellow users. I subscribed for the Masterclass

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Lean development based on Scrum

lean development based on scrumToday I ran a guest lecture at the Gdansk University of Technology. A nice group of students wanted to learn about Lean development and Scrum. We had entertaining discussions. I noticed that the students were especially interested in the exact role definitions of a Scrum team. The entrepreneurs among the audience wanted to know how they

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What salami has in common with software development

Have you ever tried to eat a whole salami at once? Did you manage? Probably not. So what did you do to eat it? I guess you cut it into small slices, isn’t it? Now just imagine yourself a clever software developer, sitting in his room, working deep at night. For weeks, months, he’s breeding on that one perfect solution. He codes like crazy, refactors, rebuilds. He wants it to be perfect. May be he showed it to some of

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Agile working explained in 15 minutes [video]

Personally, I really prefer to work in an Agile way. Already several years ago we started working like that at Goyello. Some clients immediately understand the advantages, other’s don’t. Explaining what Agile working means is not always that easy. But that might have changed. Today I found a great video on YouTube. In my opinion this is one of the best movies explaining the Agile way of working to a product

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Funky management van software ontwikkeling om aan de klantwensen te voldoen

[slideshare id=3568330&doc=4developersgoyellofunkysoftwaredevelopment20100326phofinalb-100326184144-phpapp02]

Vandaag was ik één van de sprekers bij het geweldig georganiseerde 4Developers seminar in Poznan, Polen. Ik presenteerde daar één van mijn grootste zorgen. Continue moet ik namelijk constateren dat er een ongelooflijk (perceptie) verschil zit tussen de wens van de klant en wat een ontwikkelaar realiseert. We lijken elkaar maar niet te willen of kunnen begrijpen. Feit is

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Managing software development in a Funky manner to meet client’s needs

funky-candy-dulfer Today at the 4Developers conference in Poznan, Poland, I presented the audience my concern about the existing gap in between client’s need and the reality of the software developers. For some reason we seem not to manage to understand each other well

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Project management in the age of Web 2.0

They already managed ages ago! So why don’t we manage to realize something as simple as a web application? That’s more or less how I started my yesterday evening’s presentation at the 3Camp meeting in Gdańsk. Ages ago people managed to fulfill miraculous projects with hardly any tools. Today we can choose from a wide range of tools, but still we do not manage to run a project

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