20 years after the Berlin Wall

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Remainings of the Berlin Wall [Credits: stck.xchng]Probably you noticed Europe is celebrating that 20 years ago the Berlin Wall “fell”. This moment meant a major change for Europe. It led to today’s free Europe. Travelling through Europe is easy and you hardly notice that life was completely different just 20 years ago. The young generation is even not aware of the different Europe we used to have. Today’s celebration shows we should not forget what happened and why it happened in the past. Let’s celebrate our freedom, meanwhile realizing ourselves how valuable this freedom is. Freedom that feels so normal, but for many people it wasn’t normal for a too long time.

Personally for me the fall of the Berlin Wall meant that some years later I was able to travel to Poland. A trip that resulted in a positive dramatic change in my private life. This more or less made I’m living in Poland today.

Unfortunately in our world still too many people can not enjoy a similar freedom.


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