Dedication makes you a winner

by | Oct 13, 2009 | Business Insights | 0 comments

Last weekend I visited the MTB Bike Tour in Gdansk while the “Elite” were biking their last rounds. The person on the picture was one of the leading bikers, a lot less professional people were following on a distance. The difference in between the leaders and the rest: talent, luck and dedication.

Without talent it is hard to become a winner, although not impossible. You also need some luck, or at least you cannot use too much bad luck. A flat tire can make you lose the game. But most of all I realized that their dedication makes the difference.

The winners are biking almost everyday, they are on a diet, etc. They live to win, while for the others it might be just a hobby. Nothing wrong about that, but if you want to become a winner dedication is needed.

Unfortunately, in business life I too often  have to conclude that people are lacking this. But everybody hopes to become a winner …….


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