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Online shopping personal by design

There are many e-commerce platforms available out there. Years ago a retailer would be more than happy to have a webshop based on some fixed template. They were probably more functionality than design oriented. But this is dramatically changing. In today’s competitive e-commerce market the online store has to look good to give the buyer a great online shopping experience. By design you need to attract the right target group and use their buying mood. Unfortunately, the graphical design flexibility is one of the main weaknesses of many online store platforms, especially the older ones. 

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Controlling your looks shouldn’t be too costly

Online shopping is growing and meanwhile the competition among online stores increases. Thanks to all kind of affordable solutions everybody can start a webshop today. But having a webshop doesn’t mean it will be a successful one.

The look and feel, the design, of your online store has to match your audience and  fashion trends that are relevant for them. It has to give them the perfect online shopping experience. Since you have to become personal, you should even try to target  the subgroups among your audience differently. Your shop has to jump out of the crowd to attract visitors that will buy.

Offering this design flexibility is essential for today’s online store platforms. A basic template will still satisfy many e-retailers, but no longer the demanding ones. Some simple adjustments of the design are a must for them.

When selecting a new online store platform better check how easy it will be to adjust your looks. Will it take a rather expensive designer to change things, or can your own web developer adjust it? Depending on your flexibility demand the latter is the preferred solution.

To enable our clients to adjust their design with ease, we decided to use Microsoft ASP.NET MVC as our core 21webmerce development environment. It enables us and our clients to prepare designs for the perfect online shopping experience.

Your graphical design location and season depending

An increasing amount of webshops expands their geographical coverage.  A multiple currency support, adjustment to local legislation, etc. are basic needs for their webshop. But most probable you should also be able to adjust the design, the look and feel of the webshop according to local standards. Depending on the country for example you cannot use certain images or colors. Adding different templates per country will be the best solution for you.

Just an example of a big e-retailer who decided to switch platforms to be more in control of their design is They want to be able to adjust the look and feel of their webshop based on the country they are active in. A very valid demand in our opinion.

This is applicable to seasonal templates as well. The “holiday season” is famous all over the US and you shouldn’t forget about a special Super Bowl, Thanksgiving or Halloween template. A Christmas design, we discussed the mistletoe’s magic before, will do well in both the US and Europe, but will not match in many other countries.
Your online store will have to follow local events and should be adjusted accordingly, if you want to use the online shopping consumption mood of the buyer during these special periods. Your site analytics will show when you should adjust your design to the “new” season.
We invite you to change your webshop design whenever you like and you should demand that flexibility from your online store platform provider. When well targeted you will see the difference by checking your conversion rates.
What’s your experience with the flexibility of your e-commerce platform? Can you easily adjust your template? Is that a need for you? Please share your opinion below.


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