Who will win the growing mobile market battle?

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For years Nokia was the leading mobile brand without any doubt. This has changed dramatically once the Smartphones got introduced. Android and iPhone are step by step increasing their market share. The biggest looser seems Nokia. I used to be a 100% Nokia addict and didn’t want to use any other phone. But Nokia didn’t seem to realize the impact of mobile internet on time. Research in Motion (RIM, BlackBerry) is slightly loosing market share as well.

Mobile sales keep increasing

Gartner recently presented their new mobile market research results. Based on the worldwide sales amounts they compare the 3rd quarter of 2009 and 2010. It shows in a year time the Smartphone sales have almost doubled.

“Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 35 Percent in Third Quarter 2010; Smartphone Sales Increased 96 Percent” (Gartner, November 2010)

Traditional phone sales is increasing as well, basically due to new markets. In these markets 3G is not available yet which explains their demand for the “traditional” cellular phone. New “white box” brands are being introduced into these markets which explains the high market share for “other” brands in these markets.

Android winning the Smartphone market

Android is doing extremely well in the Smartphone market. It’s market share increased from just 3,5% to 25,5%. Apple managed to bypass RIM (BlackBerry) thanks to its successful introduction of the iPhone 4 and the iPad. But even Apple seems not to be able to compete with Android. This is basically due to the fact that many different phone producers provide Android based Smartphones. Apple is facing severe supply limitations.

Microsoft hopes to change the current downwards trend by introducing Windows Phone 7. The future will tell weather or not they will succeed. Analysts treat the introduction of Windows Phone 7 as their last chance.

Some humor to conclude these dry figures

The mobile market is shifting quickly towards Smartphones. Android seems to take the lead in the upcoming time. Anyway, it might be hard to choose the right phone for yourself. May be the image below will help. The image has recently been posted on Daily Mobile.


  1. Michal

    You are right. I saw android installed on atom motherboard. This is very wise system. Processes from linux and java are working on same low level. Wise and clever solution. Worth investing.

    • PetersOpinion

      Hi Michal, thanks for your reply and support! What you mention shows the power of Android even more.

  2. Jakub Zalas

    I wouldn’t underestimate Microsoft and their new Windows Phone 7 devices. Their operating system has quite different approach from both Android and iOS.

    The smartphone market share might change in the upcoming time. iPhone is not a device for masses. I presume that their market share won’t change much. Most users will go for Android or Windows (and maybe blackberry) phones.

    • PetersOpinion

      Hi Jakub, if you support Microsoft there’s something going on 😉 Honestly I believe iPhone is more a device for the masses than BlackBerry. The young generation is really font of the iPhone and even business users are switching. But for sure iOS won’t be able to beat Android due to the limited (Apple) device availability.

    • indepthresearch

       Huge information. I like it…….

  3. Simran

    Interesting and important information. It is really beneficial for us. Thanks.SIMRAN

  4. sexshop

    Great picture 😀


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