NEW: HootSuite5 with HTML5, geo-search, themes, Google Analytics and native re-tweets

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HootSuite5 with HTML5

Today my HootSuite client was offline for a while, which was a big surprise. In general Hootsuite is a very reliable service. Fortunately, I was informed this was due to a remarkable update. Some time late I noticed significant changes to the social media dashboard beginning with a completely refreshed HTML5 user interface, plus geo-located search, native Twitter ReTweets, and integrated Google Analytics.

For me Hootsuite was already the best Social Media dashboard for both personal and team based social media management. Today’s improvements prove Hootsuite continuously keeps improving its service.

HTML5 powered

With the recent announcement of Google’s HTML5 site and many other brands like Apple on-board, HootSuite has made a substantial investment in this new technology standard. HTML5 allows them to release unique features like geo-search and drag & drop. This combined with the improved performance with more responsive tabs and streams makes using Hootsuite a real pleasure.

Themes to choose in HootSuite

Page redesign for better access to the streams

The most noticeable change is a fully redesigned dashboard, with more space for accounts, updates and an intuitive arrangement for HootSuite’s many features. Additionally, you can now choose a design theme which suits your tastes.

And many more

This is just a first quick impression of the new release. See the Hootsuite blog for more detailed information about Hootsuite 5.



    Thanks for spreading the word — we're pretty excited around here and enjoying the feedback about the new tools.

  2. PetersOpinion

    You're welcome. It's a great update, you deserve the attention.


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