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What salami has in common with software development

Have you ever tried to eat a whole salami at once? Did you manage? Probably not. So what did you do to eat it? I guess you cut it into small slices, isn’t it? Now just imagine yourself a clever software developer, sitting in his room, working deep at night. For weeks, months, he’s breeding on that one perfect solution. He codes like crazy, refactors, rebuilds. He wants it to be perfect. May be he showed it to some of

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Announcing the Gdansk Entrepreneurial NEtwork GENE

You might not realize, but the Poles are probably among the most intelligent, innovative and creative people in the world. I do not have the statistical proof for this bold statement, but they used to win and are still winning many Math and coding contests. Converting these capabilities into known solutions and world-famous companies hasn’t been too successful though. Fortunately, this is changing. Some evidence for this statement is the recent 

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Who dares to become an entrepreneur?

Today was the second and final infoShare 2013 day. Presentations and workshops focusing on mobile, social, technology and starting a Startup were offered. A successful combination of these subjects could lead to mobile Startups that realize how to make use of technology to build a great solution and how to communicate this towards potential clients. The audience seemed curious and eager to learn.

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How to speed up a slow Macbook within minutes

Some days ago all of a sudden my Macbook became slow, so slow, it really influenced my daily performance. I had to wait a long time before I could check a single e-mail, typing was slow, applications slowly opened etc. My first thought: a lack of disk space. That was not the case. After a reboot (which sometimes helps) I didn’t notice any change. Even with a small amount of applications opened, meaning a lot less than usually, it was

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infoShare 2013 stimulating entrepreneurship [updated]

For the seventh time already infoShare takes place in Gdansk. This successful New Media Conference had to switch the location. Last years it was hosted by the Gdansk Technical University, but the space there was no longer sufficient. The brand new Amber Expo is hosting infoShare 2013. The event brings together hundreds of entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, software developers, etc from around Poland. They will be inspired by (inter)national experts to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit in

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