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The amazing power of reviews [Infographic]

Reviews appear to be an important and integral part of the decision making process for a buyer. This shouldn’t be underestimated by any business. This is certainly noticeable in the retail industry, but it’s definitely not limited to retail only. About 82% of all consumers considered user generated reviews as extremely valuable or valuable. Are you offering your clients a possibility to review your products? Are you using their reviews? Read on, check the Infographic and decide for

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More iPhones sold than babies born [Video]

The Heartbeat of the new world economy is mobile according to the latest video by Erik Qualman, among others the author of Socialnomics. Globally mobiles are outnumbering the amount of people, which basically means that many of us are using more than one. We even seem to prefer an iPhone above babies, at least the iPhone growth rate is higher than the amount of newborns. We are tweeting mostly when we are on

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The changing retail landscape

The commerce reality is changing dramatically fast. With the developments and new trends that have arisen over the last year it’s especially visible. As in each technology-dependent area the novelties come as fast as a lightening. Some of them disappear as fast as they came, but a part adapts to the market and makes milestone changes. Here are some of the major milestones we can see if it comes to modern

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You just cannot ignore social media any longer

Social networksLast weekend I presented the “Do’s and don’ts of social media” in front of a group of friends. Knowing that I’m using social media for a long time and that I was teaching about this subject at the University of Gdansk, they asked me to share my experiences with them. Upfront I realised I would have to deal with a rather preoccupied group of non-users, may

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Chasing the Holiday season spirit in the rising e-commerce market

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The shopping rush season has already started in November and especially sped up after Thanksgiving.  What’s more it seems the mobile devices and multichannel strategies bring the expected results for the majority of retailers. Current data promise the season success of at least

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The Hobbit is coming soon but not soon enough

Are you also looking forward to December? Probably you know already what I’m talking about. No, it’s not about Christmas. I mean December 14th or may be even the 13th. That’s the day the first part of The Hobbit trilogy will be shown in cinema’s around the world. Unfortunately, I found out today that I will have to wait till December 28th, unless I will find an

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