Sometimes you need to watch things from a different perspective

by | Nov 1, 2009 | Personal Insights | 0 comments

Climbing the watchtower, the Pachołek, in Gdańsk Oliwa today, I was looking forward to the wonderful view I would have from there. The city is lying about 100 meters lower, at your feet. This is such an amazing view. Walking down I realized it is very often the same in our daily life. Being busy we tend to forget what it is all about in life. We let ourselves being lived. Climbing your own Pachołek from time to time makes you look at your live from a distance, it shows the patterns you are following, uncovering both the successful decisions as well as your mistakes.

Today climbing the tower was very rewarding. We had a nice view. I believe that watching your own life from a distance will be at least as rewarding. You just need to take the time to do it. That’s applicable to myself as well of course. That’s why the Pachołek picture became my picture of the day. As a reminder!


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