Successful debute for our auction platform

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This week started their first auction. Within 22 minutes they achieved a record turnover of € 1.200.000. Honestly, we are really proud about this result, especially because it’s the first auction on our renewed 21webmerce auction solution.

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Auctions matching your needs is a great example of the possibilities of the new platform. In total 286 tons of young cheese and 88 tons of butter were sold within no time.

The auctioneer is being offered many possibilities to setup an auction fully according to his needs, which basically means we can implement any kind of auction. Through the auction manager application he can monitor exactly what’s going on.

Flexible user interface design

Thanks to the ASP.Net MVC based front-end it’s possible to quickly realize the best matching user interface. Changing the design of the page for a “theme” auction or to match the season is very easy.

All activities of the auction participants are of course clearly logged, which is essential to commit to legal and notarial regulations.

Would you like to know more about web auctions in general or our new 21webmerce auction solution? Please feel free to contact us, by clicking here. We like to share our knowledge and experience with you.


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