Tablets are the future of e-commerce [Infographic]

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The iPad is hot for some years now and several other suppliers have tried to profit from it with little result. But fact of life is that the tablet is becoming increasingly important, especially for e-commerce. Are you an online retailer? Is your webshop mobile/tablet friendly? Better be sure it is because your (potential) client is browsing on his tablet while sitting on the couch. The infographic published on Infographic list clearly shows why!

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The tablet visitor is there, but not waiting for you

Better realize the tablet user is our there and that he won’t be waiting for you. On his customer journey he will find the best place to buy what he’s looking for, right now. Today this is basically the iPad user, but soon we will see all kind of Windows 8 based tablets entering the market. Personally I’m expecting a lot from this market change. And what do you think?


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