HOW TO: keep your Twitter followers list clean and tidy?

twitter-logo-150Being a Twitter user is fun, sometimes useful, addictive and can be very time consuming as well. To become a “celebrity” on Twitter it seems to be needed to have a lot of followers. Based on all kind of “spam” this is the main aim for many, because then “Twitter could become a money machine“. It looks like you should feel like a looser if you don’t add

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TweetDeck on iPhone. Will I have to switch back?

Today Digg founder Kevin Rose leaked the news that TweetDeck will launch a new TweetDeck client for the iPhone soon, probably already tomorrow. The news spread quickly via Twitter. At the start of my Twitter experience I really loved TweetDeck (desktop). My main issue was the lack of multiple account support. This made me move towards both Seesmick Desktop and CoTweet. Based on the rumours TweetDeck seems to be really powerful

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