TweetDeck on iPhone. Will I have to switch back?

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Today Digg founder Kevin Rose leaked the news that TweetDeck will launch a new TweetDeck client for the iPhone soon, probably already tomorrow. The news spread quickly via Twitter. At the start of my Twitter experience I really loved TweetDeck (desktop). My main issue was the lack of multiple account support. This made me move towards both Seesmick Desktop and CoTweet. Based on the rumours TweetDeck seems to be really powerful and the iPhone environment is supposed to integrate very well with the desktop. Will I have to switch back tomorrow?

Seesmic desktop 0.3

For sure I am curious. One thing I really loved about TweetDeck is the grouping of your friends. The lack of multiple Twitter account management made me move to Seesmic Desktop which supports that very well.

Seesmic’s easy way of managing groups, accounts and searches

Seesmic desktop userlists to group your friendsSeesmic does it all for me: group my friends, default searches and managing multiple accounts. Today’s release, version 0.3, is only available to the so called TeamSeesmic friends and it shows some further improvements. It is rather easy to become a friend by visiting the Seesmic website. A major downside of Seesmic Desktop for me is the fact that I seem to loose tweets. Besides too often posting is not working, while other clients do not seem to have an issue at the same time.

For the announcement of the new Seesmic watch the following video:


TweetDeck is better looking

From the design point of view I wouldn’t have to choose. For sure TweetDeck has a much nicer look and feel. A lot of attention has been paid to the design which makes using it a real pleasure. The rumors are that the iPhone version will have a similar look and feel, including the friend and search item grouping. Besides it seems that together with the new iPhone client version 0.26 of the desktop application will be released. This version is supposed to offer multiple Twitter account management. All together this could get me back to TweetDeck. The lastest details and first previews are already available at Mashable, The social media guide.

Tweetdeck is good looking

What about Tweetie and Twitterific

Because of the multiple account support I decided to use Twitterific (paid) on my iPhone. Some days later I found Tweetie and from that moment I fell in love with it. It is a good looking and easy to use Twitter client for iPhone. In my opinion the best one you can get. Recently I installed a new upgraded version of Twitterific, although a lot better looking, it is not the same as Tweetie. Unfortunately Tweetie is not (yet?) available for Windows.

CoTweet is there to stay

Based on the information I managed to find up to this moment I am rather convinced that CoTweet is there to stay for me. CoTweet enables sharing a Twitter account, like for example @GOYELLO, with my colleagues. Of course you can also login from another client, but CoTweet offers really great workflow opportunities. It let’s you f.e. assign Tweets for follow up to one of the editors. Besides handling your incoming messages is a lot easier with CoTweet. On the other hand the “friend grouping” is lacking here. A functionality that is very important when you are following, or trying to follow, quite a lot of people.

I will be open for a new surprise

Knowing now what TweetDeck is going to offer I think I have to reconsider moving to TweetDeck again. Earlier this evening I stated the following on Twitter, not believing that I would change my mind.

Tweetdeck on iPhone Twitter comment

After reading some more rumors I am no longer sure. It could become a busy day tomorrow: upgrading my iPhone to OS 3.0 and installing TweetDeck. I am looking forward to it. In fact I already installed the new Desktop version of Tweetdeck again and I have to admit that it is very appealing as always.


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