Great to be nominated for Best IT firm of the year

Some weeks ago we were informed that Goyello has been nominated for the Award “Best IT firm of the year – Poland” handed out by the Central and Eastern European Outsourcing and Shared Services Association. On 6 February 2014 the Award Gala will take place for which the invitation has just arrived. I’m really excited to join this unique event and of course I’m even more curious about the final result.

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What are your doubts about outsourcing?

Outsourcing seems to have many advantages if you believe all the news. Being involved in many software development projects I know that potential outsourcers very often have a lot of doubts. They consider outsourcing to be a good solution for their current issues, but they have doubts whether it will not introduce new ones. Both the advantages and the doubts will be applicable in certain cases and not applicable in other’s. Instead of focussing on all the advantages, I

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Economic downturn hits Indian outsourcing market

Today I received updated information about the Indian outsourcing market from two different sources within one hour. Too much of a coincidence. Due to the economic downturn companies in the US and the UK recently cut their IT budgets by up to 45%. Many projects have ben put on hold. Since most of the outsourcing projects in India come from the US and UK a lot of good IT people are available on the labour market today. Rates have dropped

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Outsourcing: the SME market is ready for it

Cost reduction, lack of available resources, focus on the core competences. These are just some reasons to start considering outsourcing of IT activities. Big companies are already used to this way of working. Right now the SME market seems to be ready. On a daily basis I meet SME company owners who consider outsourcing some parts of their IT. Their motives differ, their “fear” is identical.

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