What are your doubts about outsourcing?

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Outsourcing seems to have many advantages if you believe all the news. Being involved in many software development projects I know that potential outsourcers very often have a lot of doubts. They consider outsourcing to be a good solution for their current issues, but they have doubts whether it will not introduce new ones. Both the advantages and the doubts will be applicable in certain cases and not applicable in other’s. Instead of focussing on all the advantages, I plan to write a blog post about the doubts and how to overcome or to accept them. I invite you to share your doubts. I will mention all relevant input, including the source.

What doubts do you have related to outsourcing?

This evening I posted the above message on Twitter, which already generated a lot of useful input for my blog post. Based on my own daily experience I could try to define the list of the most common doubts, but I don’t feel confident that this list will cover all. Therefore, I would like you to share your doubts as well. Please leave them as a comment below.

A question could be why to focus on doubts. In general I am someone who looks at things from the positive side. But in this case I know that it is needed to take doubts really serious, otherwise the outsourcing will fail for sure. Doubts, whether true or not, can be a serious blocker. Not for everyone outsourcing is the right way to go.

All input will be highly appreciated and I will mention the relevant ones in my post. Please also provide your answer on the following question:

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