Vision and values form the fundament of every startup

This week the Startup Pirates Gdansk takes place. A one week event to launch multiple new startups. After yesterday’s party this morning the group gathered at Inkubator Starter for the first workshop. I had the honour to introduce the group to “Vision and Values”, probably the foundation of every organisation. Unfortunately, when starting a startup we might not feel the need and/or take the time to think about it although we all should, just because realizing your startup is about realizing

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What makes a pitch a good one?

An important part of the Hy! show in Berlin on Sunday 2 June was the startup competition. European startups were invited to send their pitch. From the applications five companies were chosen to pitch their solution to convince the jury they would make best use of the € 30.000 and Hub:raum support. Some pitches were really great, but most of them were not clearly following the regular pitching guidelines which irritated

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Who dares to become an entrepreneur?

Today was the second and final infoShare 2013 day. Presentations and workshops focusing on mobile, social, technology and starting a Startup were offered. A successful combination of these subjects could lead to mobile Startups that realize how to make use of technology to build a great solution and how to communicate this towards potential clients. The audience seemed curious and eager to learn.

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