The draft of the Polish economic reform seems to be ready

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Poland’s Economy Ministry finished the works on its project of economic reform containing 98 draft bills meant to remove red tape and burdens for Polish businesses. It promises life will become a lot easier for Polish businesses. This can be read today in Puls Biznesu. Unfortunately we still have to wait a while. The final decision making needs still a lot of consultation.

The draft plan will be consulted with business organizations. Afterwards it has to be sent to the parliament to gain their green light. This process can take up to a year, which is a real pity. The Polish economy needs some dramatic changes, the sooner the better.

Running your own company is far from fun knowing all the legislation you are facing. The new legislation should bring companies 140 million zloty of yearly savings with only 4 million zloty losses for the state budget. But is this 140 million, which is “just” only about € 35 million, really worth all the hassle? I am curious which part is going to big corporates and what part will be left over for SME companies.

It feels like a lot of effort for hardly any real serious gain ….. Couldn’t the Polish government be more ambitious? It looks like preventing income loss for the state budget has been the main aim. Shouldn’t we try to invest in stimulating the economy?

I am looking forward to any change that makes my life easier as a business owner in Poland. But these plans seem to lack ambition. Please correct me if I am wrong. Anyway I am curious about your opinion.


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