The Hobbit is coming soon but not soon enough

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Are you also looking forward to December? Probably you know already what I’m talking about. No, it’s not about Christmas. I mean December 14th or may be even the 13th. That’s the day the first part of The Hobbit trilogy will be shown in cinema’s around the world. Unfortunately, I found out today that I will have to wait till December 28th, unless I will find an excuse to arrange a (business) trip around the 14th. Till that time the beautiful trailer and other snapshots have to keep me patient.

A life long fan

My addiction to The Hobbit started when my teacher at my primary school narrated the story. As far as I can remember he spend almost every day, but may be it was just once a week, several minutes to share the next part of Bilbo’s journey with us. Some time later I coincidentally found The Lord of the Rings trilogy in my parents bookcase.

I read all three books in no time and over and over again.

Of course I was one of the first ones to watch the movies. And I was pleasantly surprised. Upfront I didn’t believe someone would be able to make a movie out of it. While watching, the story unfold like it looked like in my memories.


Will The Hobbit be a similar pleasant surprise?

About The Hobbit I’m less confident. Honestly, I think this book is the worst one of all, which doesn’t mean it’s a bad book. Some parts of the journey take just too much time and are rather boring.

Probably Peter Jackson, the movie director, will be able to present a more dynamic journey. If so, it could be really a nice fantasy movie again.

In fact this first part of the trilogy has to be a good one, because otherwise next year’s premiere of part 2 won’t be as successful.

Global release dates

The movie premiere is set for December 14th, although in some cinema’s the movie will be shown already on December 13. I just found out that I will have to be a bit more patient. In Poland the premiere will be on December 28th. Are you curious when you can watch Part 1 of The Hobbit? On this page you will find the global release dates.

Please don’t tell me anything about the movie before I’ve seen it myself!


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