Try the other way to have more fun

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In our daily live we tend to chose the easy way. Like sheep we follow the others. We chose the known paths.

People who know me probably agree that from time to time I try the off the road track.

Today my 4 year old son made me realize why.

Together we went sled riding on fresh snow. Just next door we have a small hill. People were queing for the same downhill tracks all the time.

You should know something more about me. I hate waiting and queues drive me crazy.

We decided to take the other side of the hill, without any track, just 30 cm of nice snow waiting for us.

Of course the first times we got stuck half way. But after some time we created a new track. A much nicer one than the others. And for sure we had more fun, without queues!

Isn’t the same applicable to all kind of adventure activities? They are very popular among others for team building.

So let’s start adding some adventure to our daily (business) live.

Try to do something in a different way today!


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