What is worse having no choice or not knowing what to choose?

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Today we visited one of the shopping malls and as always the amount of products to choose from shocked me. I really don’t feel comfortable in these malls, there is too much choice. In my opinion all together we are going into the wrong direction. These malls show the consumption society we are living in to its full extend.

The picture shows the preparation of the Polish people for All Saints’ Day, November 1st. It’s the day The Polish people remember family and friends who are no longer among us. All graves are being cleaned and decorated with fresh flowers and candles for this special day.

Some years ago you could just choose from 3 types of candles, this year the choice feels almost unlimited. A Holly day is becoming merchandised.

Today’s rich variety in the malls is a big contrast with the Polish life before 1989. And the variety of candles is just one example. In the 70’s/80’s people could hardly get anything in the shops. Is this crazyness just to make up for the things that were lacking in the past? Are we all aware where this consumption society is going to lead into?


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