My 10 most favorite iPhone applications

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overview-appstore-20090909Since I received my iPhone I became addicted and I know I am not the only one. Often I am looking around what kind of applications others are using. But probably it is high time I start sharing my favorite applications. Some of the most used applications are part of the basic iPhone installation. The others are all available in the App Store. Read further if you would like to know what candies I found in the App Store.

iPhone offers by default a lot

The default applications I use most are phone, email, calendar and messaging. I linked both my email and calendar to our Google Apps hosted e-mail environment to make that I can access my received and sent e-mail from whatever location PC, web and iPhone and to have my calendar synced everywhere. I use Safari for browsing and the iPod for listening music while travelling. The default Maps application is very useful for finding your way around the city or looking for the closest shop or restaurant. And of course I visit the App Store often.

My favorite Apps from the App Store

my-favorite-iphone-appsMy close followers won’t be surprised that my favorite applications are related to social networking and photography. I will start with the last one.

  1. Best Camera:聽I am really font of taking pictures but the time to edit them is lacking. Too often while travelling I cannot take my digital camera. The iPhone picture quality is quite acceptable, but most pictures need a boost. By聽coincidence聽I ran into the application: Best Camera. In some easy steps you can add different filters to your pictures with amazing results. You can publish them on Twitter, Facebook and by e-mail. You are also able to post your pictures on
  2. For managing my Twitter accounts I mostly use Tweetie by Atebits. In my blog post “Will Tweetie win the Twitter client battle” I already explained why I prefer this application above my next favorite iPhone App.
  3. TweetDeck is my favorite Twitter client on my PC and the iPhone version has some advantages over Tweetie. I mostly use TweetDeck to have a quick overview of multiple accounts and searches, but as mentioned before I jump often back to Tweetie. For sure the Facebook integration within TweetDeck is a great additional feature.
  4. Being on the way knowing that I gave my commitment to provide several posts a week on multiple blogs the WordPress tool is the perfect solution for me. This tool enables me to write (draft) blog posts whenever I am inspired. The interface is not comparable to the online rich editor, but it is sufficient if you know how to handle some html-code.
  5. Facebook launched a dramatically improved client for the iPhone some time ago. As I wrote it caused that I am more and more moving from Twitter to Facebook. This application is becoming one of my most used ones.
  6. LinkedIn provides a good overview of all your business contacts on your iPhone. Thanks to its recent Twitter integration LinkedIn is becoming more social network oriented. I know that hardly any of my business contacts is using Twitter and therefore this app is a good tool to check their status.
  7. Gist is both a web and iPhone application to make you know more about who you know. In another blog post I already explained how Gist helps you to keep track of your social network. I predict Gist will soon become more important than for example “directories” like Plaxo.
  8. To share my best images on Flickr I use the Flickr picture management tool.
  9. Following the traffic on our client’s websites and the blogs we manage is very important for me. I want to have access to the basic statistics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I use two applications to handle this WordPress Statistics and Analytics Lite. As the application names already indicate the WordPress application shows you the statistics for you either your self or online hosted WordPress blog based on the statistics. Analytics Lite shows me all the statistics from my Google Analytics account.
  10. When travelling calling is the best way to discuss urgent matters, but in some cases I prefer to communicate through Skype. The Skype app facilitates this very well.
  11. Bonus:Sometimes I just need to challenge myself in a different area. Chess Free is hard to beat till now if I force myself to play a 10 minutes game.

I am curious about your favorite iPhone apps, feel free to share them below. Feel invited to request any further details about applications I mentioned above.

[Update: Ouriel pointed me to a nice application to show your favorite iPhone apps, You can also find an overview of my favorite iPhone applications there.]


  1. PetersOpinion

    Hi Ouriel, thanks for the reply. I'm checking appsfire. Looks nice. I am curious about all the apps others are using!

  2. OurielOhayon

    perfect just give me an email we can send you your vanity URL at

    btw do you know you can embed your virtual iPhone on your blog?

    here is the code

    <iframe width=”500″ frameborder=0 height=”1000″ src=””></iframe>


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