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  • November 6, 2012 • Business • Views: 2080

    Silicon Valley not everybody’s Holy Grail

    About a week ago I returned from a very intensive and inspirational trip to the USA. On Wednesday October 17, 2012, an economic mission organised by the Pomeranian region/Gdansk government traveled to the US for a 12 day visit including...

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  • October 29, 2012 • Business • Views: 4133

    US Mission, part 6: Sweet home Chicago

    After the very intensive first week of our mission we moved on to Chicago, which is the second largest “Polish” city in the world. Warsaw, the Polish capital, is the only city with more Polish residents. Therefore, it felt...

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  • October 24, 2012 • Business • Views: 2585

    US Mission, part 5: A warm welcome in Seattle

    We traveled from a warm and sunny Silicon Valley to a wet and chilly Seattle, Washington, which appeared to be a completely different experience. Again we met a lot of entrepreneurship, but in a different atmosphere. Work/life balance...

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  • October 21, 2012 • Business • Views: 2297

    US Mission, part 4: Pitching, accelerators and San Francisco

    Everybody you ask will tell you that doing business in Silicon Valley is very different from elsewhere and for sure not easy. Gold seekers have to be prepared for that. The success stories are really nice, but for sure way more initiatives...

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  • October 20, 2012 • Business • Views: 5102

    US Mission, part 3: Visiting Facebook and Google

    When thinking about Silicon Valley we all think about companies like Google and Facebook. Therefore, it was really great we were able to visit them. As I wrote before the first Silicon Valley impressions were a bit mixed. The living and...

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  • October 18, 2012 • Business • Views: 2504

    US Mission, part 2: First Silicon Valley impressions

    When preparing for the US Economic Mission it was hard to expect what would really happen. Of course I was very excited, and as I mentioned before, a bit nervous as well. The first days in Silicon Valley were pretty amazing. Tired because...

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  • October 13, 2012 • Business • Views: 2234

    US Mission, part 1: San Francisco here we come

    Wednesday October 17, 2012, together with a group of fellow Gdansk, Poland based business(wo)men I will travel to San Francisco. We join the US economic mission organized by the Pomeranian region/Gdansk government. I understood San...

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