What salami has in common with software development

Have you ever tried to eat a whole salami at once? Did you manage? Probably not. So what did you do to eat it? I guess you cut it into small slices, isn’t it? Now just imagine yourself a clever software developer, sitting in his room, working deep at night. For weeks, months, he’s breeding on that one perfect solution. He codes like crazy, refactors, rebuilds. He wants it to be perfect. May be he showed it to some of

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Announcing the Gdansk Entrepreneurial NEtwork GENE

You might not realize, but the Poles are probably among the most intelligent, innovative and creative people in the world. I do not have the statistical proof for this bold statement, but they used to win and are still winning many Math and coding contests. Converting these capabilities into known solutions and world-famous companies hasn’t been too successful though. Fortunately, this is changing. Some evidence for this statement is the recent 

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The Startup Weekend in Trojmiasto is won by Virtual Recruiter

On Friday evening at 7pm we kicked-off the Trójmiasto Startup Weekend. As you could read in my previous post this weekend is part of the Global Startup Battle, aiming to start 1200 new startups. In total 18 ideas were shared on Friday evening. The 40 participants chose 8 and teams were formed. When I arrived on Saturday morning I learned

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US Mission, part 4: Pitching, accelerators and San Francisco

Everybody you ask will tell you that doing business in Silicon Valley is very different from elsewhere and for sure not easy. Gold seekers have to be prepared for that. The success stories are really nice, but for sure way more initiatives failed. The good thing is that failure is something which is allowed in Silicon Valley. They aim for big success, but in case this seems not to be possible, they prefer to let something fail fast. On the

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