US Mission, part 4: Pitching, accelerators and San Francisco

Everybody you ask will tell you that doing business in Silicon Valley is very different from elsewhere and for sure not easy. Gold seekers have to be prepared for that. The success stories are really nice, but for sure way more initiatives failed. The good thing is that failure is something which is allowed in Silicon Valley. They aim for big success, but in case this seems not to be possible, they prefer to let something fail fast. On the

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US Mission, part 2: First Silicon Valley impressions

When preparing for the US Economic Mission it was hard to expect what would really happen. Of course I was very excited, and as I mentioned before, a bit nervous as well. The first days in Silicon Valley were pretty amazing. Tired because of traveling and a very short first night we immediately did awesome things during the first days. We started with a visit to Intel, the company which had and still

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US Mission, part 1: San Francisco here we come

Wednesday October 17, 2012, together with a group of fellow Gdansk, Poland based business(wo)men I will travel to San Francisco. We join the US economic mission organized by the Pomeranian region/Gdansk government. I understood San Francisco is an amazing city and Silicon Valley is very inspirational. On the other hand the whole area is way too big for just 3 days, because then we already have to go on. How to get the best out of

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