Tweeting while having diner happens to me as well

When someone is having a phone call in a public area we in general don’t like this. Compared to this, communicating by social networks is a lot better, less noisy.

But social media can be a bit to attention consuming. It happens too me as well.

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Tweetboard promises more social media engagement

tweetboard-logoTweetboard is the new kid on the social media block. This new tool, released just some days ago, promises to stimulate social media interaction among the visitors of a single website or blog. Will Tweetboard proof its value? Let’s just give it a try to find out. Just click the tiny “Tweets” label at the left to see the full box and feel free to discuss. The

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Whether or not to use social media is no longer a question

A recent study carried out by Manpower Poland shows that 60% of Polish businesses don’t feel the need to use social media (in Polish only). This result isn´t applicable to Poland alone. Recent research shows that in the US about 50% of the marketeers is using

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Refollow helps you to keep track on your Twitter friends and followers

refollow-logoAs I wrote some time ago I had quite some trouble keeping my Twitter friends and followers list clean and tidy after using some auto-follow tools. Taking part in the Twitter followers earning race I thought it would be good to follow everybody who started following me, but after some time I knew better.

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HOW TO: keep your Twitter followers list clean and tidy?

twitter-logo-150Being a Twitter user is fun, sometimes useful, addictive and can be very time consuming as well. To become a “celebrity” on Twitter it seems to be needed to have a lot of followers. Based on all kind of “spam” this is the main aim for many, because then “Twitter could become a money machine“. It looks like you should feel like a looser if you don’t

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New TweetDeck v0.26: Impressive!

I just installed the brand new release of TweetDeck dekstop and I have to admit that I am really impressed. Of course the main change is the possibility to manage multiple accounts. Another great new and unique feature is that you are able to share your group settings among multiple computers. By creating an online account these main settings are stored and can be retrieved at any time!

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TweetDeck on iPhone. Will I have to switch back?

Today Digg founder Kevin Rose leaked the news that TweetDeck will launch a new TweetDeck client for the iPhone soon, probably already tomorrow. The news spread quickly via Twitter. At the start of my Twitter experience I really loved TweetDeck (desktop). My main issue was the lack of multiple account support. This made me move towards both Seesmick Desktop and CoTweet. Based on the rumours TweetDeck seems to be really powerful

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Tweeters are from Mars non-Tweeters from Venus

Last days there has been a lot of turmoil about the huge amount of Twitter accounts that are hardly used. So what? How many daily printed news papers are really being read? How many blogs are well visited? Almost everybody has teletext on his TV, but how many people are using it? Should we stop providing all those things? In my opinion not. As long as the people who

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